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Bible Book Study


1 corinthians

2 corinthians



Critical Thinking | Christian Life Paradoxes, Unpacking Hidden Assumptions

Learn to understand difficult questions, think clearly through issues, ferret out hidden assumptions, and provide helpful answers. More than an apologetics course, the students in this course will get to synthesize their own answers to some of the tough questions about Christianity and church life that both Christians and non-Christians might ask. This course will also prove to be helpful in thinking through your own struggles or guiding someone else through theirs.

Emotional Thinking | Untangling Confusing Thoughts

Emotions are powerful, but they can also get in the way of what we "know" to be true, or how we "know" we ought to be. In this course we'll learn tips and tools for discerning our emotionally-biased patterns of thinking and then untangling them, and we'll put some of these tools into practice.

Christian History: Reformation

We're Protestants. But do you know what that means? You definitely learned about the "Protestant Reformation" in high school. But can you explain how Martin Luther's 95 theses has anything to do with your faith? The gospel of Jesus Christ that we rally around today was passed down by a long line of faithful men and women over many generations. This workshop will be a historical survey of the turning points that led to one of the most significant events in church history: the Protestant Reformation.

Spiritual Conversations

We can’t take for granted that just because we’re Christian, we can then speak the Gospel clearly, persuasively, and personally. That requires some thoughtfulness and some training. How to bring up the Gospel in day to day conversation with friends and classmates? How to talk about sin in a way that’s understandable to a person completely brand new to faith? How do we speak about the cross so someone unfamiliar with church can understand? Spiritual Conversations aims to equip us to speak the Gospel to others — both for their sake and our own. (Adapted from Gospel Conversations.)

Crucial Conversations

Conflict happens. It’s inevitable. Running away or avoiding conflict in our relationships is running away from an unchanging fact of life. And so, dealing with conflict — while tough — is absolutely important to become a person rich with relationships, and well equipped to mature into the shape of reality. We will review some tools to help identify and resolve conflicts, work through difficult conversations, and become a person who reconciles relationships instead of dropping them.

Journaling / Reflection

Reflection isn’t a temperament or a character trait: it’s the result of deliberate practice. In this workshop, you will learn practical tips to aid your personal reflection. It’s an opportunity to experience freedom as you grow in understanding: self-understanding, of reality, of people, and of God. Simple questions become tools to grow in honest self-awareness, and the biblical perspective can help us face this process without being overwhelmed. Lab time will help us reflect on personal situations.

Growing in Prayer

This workshop is designed to assess your prayer life, help you build your prayer life on a Biblical foundation, and to motivate you to grow in personal prayer life. Using “The Lord’s Prayer” as our framework, “ we will share practical tips on growing in various aspects of prayer.

Training to Lead

course 101

This certification training will delve deeply into each chapter of Course 101. You will not just become familiar with the content of the course, but also become confident in tackling the possible follow-up questions that arise from the material.

Prerequisites: completed C101 prior to Vision


We will navigate through the Gospel of Mark, not only hearing and understanding the insights, but also being trained up to teach others through those verses in a small group setting.

Tech, Music, & Art



Goal: To train musicians how to play on a praise band.

A big emphasis will be placed on how to adjust your playing style to fit the praise band context. You will also learn how listen to a song and break it down into its various parts for your instrument. You will also learn useful techniques particular to your instrument, including things like Mainstage, underscoring, voicings, inversions, riffs, intermediate groove patterns, intermediate strumming patterns, and more.

Prerequisites: see here


The goal of this course is to become familiar with the fundamental techniques in Photoshop. We will learn basic tools and common shortcuts, as well as explore the principles of good design and its application in common church publications.

Prerequisites: none


Recording and editing for music production. The goal of this course is to learn fundamentals and best practices for recording and editing music so that we can best create tracks with audio for TC, music videos, and other projects.


  • Laptop with music production software (GarageBand, Logic Pro, LMMS, Presonus Studio 1)

  • Somewhat musical or enjoy music

  • Decent headphones


Learn the basics of photography, how to be a photographer for a ministry purposes, basic photo editing, and the process of uploading photos.

Students will be able to film, and leverage lighting and audio in any environment. Learn videography best practices, get familiar with equipment, and engage in hands-on filming experience for a variety of projects including interviews, testimonies, and recaps.

Prerequisites: Own a DSLR or mirrorless camera, and laptop with Adobe Lightroom CC (Creative Cloud). Downloading the trial for the week is fine.

lighting (15 hrs)

Learn concepts and skills necessary to interpret and set up a standard light schematic. At the end of the course, the student will be able to set up and run lights for general events such as bible studies and Sunday worship services, as well as perform basic troubleshooting.

Prerequisites: none

SWS TECH: A/V SETUP (15 hrs)

If you don't know anything, that's OK. Come and learn what exactly are all the things that go into sound and basic video, how to set them up and get them to work, and get to use expensive equipment. At the end, you'll be able to set up for a prayer meeting, and even a Sunday Worship Service!

Prerequisites: none


Learn to mix sound for praise and TFN. In this class you will learn how to train your ear to listen, balance your sound, and become familiar with eq, compress, and gate.

Prerequisites: know basic A/V setup (for TFN)


An introductory-level video editing course for those with no to little experience. You will learn the basics of of the video editing process through DaVinci Resolve. You'll learn to ingest clips, edit a multi-track timeline, export, use filters, transitions, linked and unlinked clips, etc. By the end of the course, you'll be equipped to create recaps, trailers, testimonies, and other common videos for your ministry needs.


  • DaVinci Resolve 15 (free version) installed on computer

  • Minimum specs for computer: 8GB RAM

  • Recommended: 16GB RAM, 2015 Macbook Pro or newer (or Windows equivalent), Discrete Graphics Card


You've made some videos. But now you want to take it to the next level in your audio and color correction, including audio EQing and more advanced color correction. You'll learn to fly through the editing process with 3-point and 4-point editing. The class may also briefly cover DaVinci Fusion.


  • DaVinci Resolve 15 (free version) installed on computer

  • Minimum specs for computer: 8GB RAM

  • Recommended: 16GB RAM, 2015 Macbook Pro or newer (or Windows equivalent), Discrete Graphics Card

  • Submit one video you worked on for which you were the main editor

  • Please bring headphones


A crash course on sketchnotes and how to translate messages into visuals. You'll learn the basics and put them into practice during in-class exercises. By the end of the class, you will be able to turn any message into an easy-to-read visual.


  • comfortable with drawing

  • good reading/listening/message comprehension

  • legible handwriting

  • bring your own pens/markers or tablet/pen

Script Writing & Directing (15 hrs)

There are many instances when a good script and a good director is needed - of course in doing skits like Race of a Lifetime, but even in cases like a video or voice-coaching for a narration. Learn the basic concepts and skills for effective scriptwriting and directing that would make a "meh" performance into a convincing one.

Prerequisites: none

introductory web development (15 hrs)

This course presents the very (very) basics of web development: HTML, CSS, and some simple JavaScript. It's designed for students with no coding experience whatsoever, to give them a taste of real-world development and a foundation to build on. Students will learn how to make a bare-bones website, customize its design, and add interactive elements.

Prerequisites: a laptop; install Google Chrome and Sublime Text 3

Life Skills

10 Basic Cooking Skills To Master Before You Graduate From College

Campus meal plans are great but you can't invite your friends or underclassmen to dinner at the DC or DH. Learn some basic cooking skills, tips & shortcuts to food prep, and take away easy recipes that will help you host a dinner party like a pro.

Prerequisites: none

Transitions Will Kill You

At any event (from small group to NSWN), people are waiting for cues and guidance, and the way that is delivered (or not) matters to the overall experience. The MC must shift people's attentions and emotions to help accomplish the overall goals of the event. Learn and Practice developing skills in all aspects of MC'ing from leading ice breakers, controlling the room, overall presence, managing chaos, making announcements, and transitions.

Prerequisites: none

Building Resume & Interviewing Skills

Need help on how to write a relevant resume for the job market you are looking for? Need guidance on how to not just interview, but interview well with answers that your interviewer is looking for? Look no further, this course will walk you through how to build your resume in a way that captures your recruiter’s attention as well as help you gain insight to what recruiters actually deem important. This course will also provide guidance and frameworks that you can use to improve your interview skills for effective communication.

Prerequisites: none

Car maintenance and power tools 101

Want to prolong the integrity of your car? Want to learn how to wield a jigsaw, impact driver, and chop saw? Get some practical tips and hands-on experience. By the end, you'll have a personal prayer bench to show for it.

Prerequisites: none

Getting Things Done & Reducing Stress

Life is full of many little tasks, curveballs, and stressful situations. Learn some best practices on how to get things done, turn the feeling of being overwhelmed to doable steps, and invite stress as an opportunity to grow.

Prerequisites: none