Praise Requirements

Instrument Classes

Goal: To train musicians how to play on a praise band.

A big emphasis will be placed on how to adjust your playing style to fit the praise band context. You will also learn how listen to a song and break it down into its various parts for your instrument. You will also learn useful techniques particular to your instrument, including things like Mainstage, underscoring, voicings, inversions, riffs, intermediate groove patterns, intermediate strumming patterns, and more.

Prerequisites: This means you should already have basic knowledge of music theory & basic proficiency in your instrument before you sign up. You do not have to be currently playing for your church’s praise band.

  • Basic Knowledge of Music Theory:

    • Rhythm. You can consistently count beats in different time signatures and subdivisions.

    • Keys. You understand different songs are in different keys & each of those keys have different major/minor chords & scales. You aren’t tone deaf.

  • Basic Proficiency In Your Instrument:

    This means you can comfortably play the following songs with a chordsheet in front of you:

    • Acoustic / Electric Guitar

      • Christ is Enough

      • The Lord our God

    • Bass Guitar

      • Good Good Father

      • Mighty to Save

    • Drums

      • Something New

      • Holding Nothing Back

    • Keyboard

      • O the Blood

      • In Christ Alone

After sign-ups are gathered, we’ll send out instructions about submitting video auditions & completing a music theory assessment. After evaluating submissions, we’ll notify you if you’ve been accepted into the class or if you should enroll in another skills track.

You may need to bring some basic equipment (earphones, picks, capos, etc.) but you will not need to bring your instruments with you to Vision 2019.